Saturday, October 20, 2007


Why yes, we do still foil, thanks for asking! I just spent time putting up pictures on the Havasu Fly In site, so I'm not going to duplicate the effort here, but feel free to go check it out. These were taken during our trip last weekend to Lake Havasu.

What's a Fly In? That's where foilers get together and ride for a few days. Since there aren't too many people that ride, most of us don't have a lot of chances to ride with other foilers. We've been lucky, a lot of people visit Vegas and we've made lots of friends, but we haven't had a regular get-together scheduled for the southwestern U.S. Some friends that live in Lake Havasu City decided to do something about that and we're having a Fly In there next May. I'm on web detail for the event, so that's why the pictures are posted there.

Oh, okaaaay, you talked me into it. Here's one picture that isn't up on the other site yet. Gotta show out when you have an audience, right?

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