Sunday, January 25, 2009

Breakfast Blogging

After writing out my Swedish pancake recipe yesterday, I couldn't pass up the chance to make them for breakfast today. It only took an hour and a half, since I started messing around taking pictures. (What happens when you take a picture of a mixer mixing? Let's find out!) I have over 80 pictures of breakfast now, isn't that awesome? I'm such a dork.

As promised, I decided to try to make these as healthy as possible. I did not double the recipe this time just in case I'd guessed wrong. Eggs were replaced by egg beaters, milk by powdered milk. Also, I used margarine instead of butter, but I've done that before.

The good news is, the pancakes tasted the same to us! The bad news is, boy is that batter sticky. I had to use Pam on my "non-stick" pan between EVERY pancake to keep them from sticking too bad. Not that big of a deal, the Pam doesn't add bad stuff in, you just have to remember to spray every time.

The texture of the pancakes was just slightly dryer than with the real eggs and milk. I think I will still choose to make these pancakes for us the healthier way, it wasn't a big change. I think it's the eggs that make the texture difference, I might mix in one real egg to 2 Egg Beater eggs, see how that works. Right now, though, I think a special occasion would call for the real kind.

So what does happen when you take a picture of a mixer mixing? Meet Mr. KitchenAid, my best kitchen purchase ever. I don't stir anything any more, I just let him do the work. Anyway, here are three of my favorite pictures, kind of an abstract-y and interesting. I like how the whisk looks like it is flying apart.

Back to the topic, here's what the batter looks like mixed up. You can tell I did remember to grind some cinnamon and nutmeg this time!

Batter freshly poured into the pan:

Pancake just about ready to flip:

Whoops! Forgot the Pam:

This pancake got flipped a little too soon, you can see how wet the bubbles are. It doesn't hurt the flavor at all, I just thought it looked cool. This is why it took an hour and a half to make breakfast.

Stack of finished pancakes!

Incidentally, my kitchen is not this yellow. The light is bad and I don't have a flash setup. I should have used the tripod and spent more time with the lighting, but I figured I really had already geeked out enough over breakfast. It's not exactly something National Geographic is going to want, you know? However, it does give me a lot of admiration for people who take pictures of food for magazines and whatnot. It's harder than it looks.

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