Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Lake Powell, Part One

We spent Wednesday night in the trucks at State Line marina, so we could launch at first light. Here's the sunrise we were treated to Thursday morning just before we launched.

Sunrise at State Line

Here are some pictures of the boat at the campsite Thursday night shortly before the sun went behind the cliffs.

Sunset at camp

Sunset at camp

Sunset at camp

Friday morning glass, before we headed out.

Morning glass

Here's a couple of shots from near where we camped. This picture looks back towards the campsite, just looking at the cliffs in the area....

Towards camp

... and this one I just thought was cool, I liked the sparkles on the water.


Here I am riding my birthday present, or sort of riding, getting up out of the water was tricky, but man that thing is FUN!


The more-usual outcome of my rides. I guess I should say getting out of the water "under control" was the tricky part. Can't wait to get on the ski again, it was incredibly fun, even though I have some steering issues to work out. Note the strategically pinched nose; I've taken a lot of grief for that manuver, but I'm pretty proud, actually, that I rarely get water up my nose.


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