Sunday, October 30, 2005

SuperCrawl 2005 - Sticky Spots

Some more random pictures....

Almost everyone we saw on this obstacle ended up in about the same position. Believe it or not, everyone we saw ALSO made it out. It seemed to be a technique, rather than a problem.

Another shot of a guy that was apparently doing "Just fine, thanks."

This was kind of a cool shot, since you can see three different vehicles going at it.

This guy got high centered and was determined to... I don't know, but he kept gunning the engine like crazy.

Here he is with smoke pouring out of his engine. Flames had been shooting out probably 2-3 feet from his turbo just seconds before I took this. (The battery on the video camera was long dead at this point, so we missed some cool stuff.)

Bottom right of this picture, the spotter has actually just heaved a large rock, trying to wedge it under the tire so it could get "gription". This did not work and the guy eventually had to be pulled off by a recovery vehicle, but other teams seemed to adopt the heave-a-rock technique after this. I don't think it worked for any of them, but the rock did keep getting smaller, so I guess that made it less of a hassle to throw.

This poor guy was having such a great run, until he suddenly went wrong and rolled over. Incidentally, this is the same obstacle that Walker Evans ran so easily in the pictures in the last post.

Back upright, a little worse for wear...

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