Sunday, August 19, 2007


Just kind of interesting, we were hanging out near shore hoping the wind would die down so we could ride some more (ha!) and happened to notice this wrecked boat on shore.

It looks like it was under water for some time. The water level has dropped quite a bit this year, so maybe it's just been exposed as the lake dropped. However, there's obviously been some parts removed, so it it seems more likely that somebody actually salvaged the wreck and then just left it on shore. Bit of a mystery, there's all kinds of reasons why that shouldn't happen, wrecked boats are usually salvaged and removed.

Anyway, if boat carnage is your thing, here's some expensive mistakes for your viewing pleasure.


Mr. Twisted said...

Drink much? Yes please, I'll have thirteen!

Mrs. Wakeandahalf said...

Are you implying that alcohol could have been involved?? Bite your tongue!